MH2122 MH2605 MH1446 TWU-BKI-KUL-LGK

MH2122 TWU-BKI 21-Mar
Boeing 737-400 9M-MMW (Jun-93) Seat 22C

Back to the old 737 for the first of three flights to Langkawi. Tawau airport has seen better days and only has three gates but does the job. Got one bag checked thru to Langkawi, then went into the departure lounge. Flight was absolutely packed and service consisted of a pack of peanuts (unheard of nowadays on a western airline and an orange juice ). Landed on time at kk and made my way to the next new gate.

MH2605 BKI-KUL 21-Mar
Boeing 737-800 9M-FFA (May-05) Seat 14C

New Malaysian 737, writing on door said operated by Firefly. Four row 2×2 business in cloth blue, then economy standard 3×3 in blue leather. Despite plane seeming to have drop down screens the safety demo done manually.

Two hot choices for lunch – egg fried rice with ginger chicken or a Malaysian pancake (had run ut by my row). Served in a long tray with chocolate cake, a kit cat and orange juice, along with tray drinks. Very tasty and impressive for a 2hr20min economy flight.


MH1446 KUL-LGK 21-Mar
Boeing 737-800 9M-FFC (Apr-07) Seat 5A

A long walk from B11 the A9 about as far as it gets at KUL Domestic. No lounge as the only Ppass lounge is in the International Satellite pier, although MH operates a Domestic Golden Lounge.

Another Firefly jet with same layout. Got row 5 which has excellent legroom and a cutout.

Service was again just peanuts and orange juice.

Seat 14C



MH3055 BKI-TWU 17-Mar
ATR72-500 9M-MWG (Nov-09) Seat 3D

Checked in at the impressive Kota Kinabalu terminal to find flight delayed almost two hours. MH hides their check-in desk and tries to force everyone to use the kiosk and bagdrop desk.

Airport is much bigger than current needs with almost 20 domestic and international gates. A large number of shops in the domestic terminal appear shuttered. Small Golden Lounge and end of Domestic pier that appeared OK but nothing special (no access until MH joins oneworld)

Had some foot reflexology to pass the time, albeit the leg massage was somewhat painful thanks to my Mt Kinabalu sunburn.

Near new Maswings prop arrived for a quick turnaround. A 2×2 configuration throughout with a two row business section with same seats but separated by a curtain. Entrance only from the rear so premium pax are last off! Ceiling is low at about 6’4 hitting head and anyone above 6′ needs to be very careful of the overhead bins when open.

Small muffin and drink (your choice from cart) served on flight.



MH69 TPE-BKI, 15-Mar
Boeing 737-400 Seat 14K

First old 737 in a while but got the pick of the seats – 14A/K have meters of legroom as the two exit rows in front have no window seats. Despite its age, cabin was in looking OK, although unsure about Malaysian random colour system that mixes red, green, Orange and aqua blue seats. Loads around 90% but I had a spare next to me.


Decent meal served – choice of chicken noodles or an omlette.