AK2655 LGK-KUL 22-Mar
Airbus A320-200 9M-AHT(Jul-09) Seat 15C

My first ever AirAsia flight.

Plain black leather seats, premium ones with a red cover. Plane did a very quick turnaround, queue had formed in the gate area before passengers had even started disembarking. Loads about 60% with very few premium seats occupied.

Quick safety briefing that called AirAsia the “world’s first low cost airline” really! (I think they meant “world’s best” which they have been voted… And gave a plug for Queens Park Rangers. Crew handcounted passengers about 5 times and were very quick to shift people sitting in the wrong seats. Beverage and snack service immediately after takeoff.

Prebooked hot meals then delivered including my very tasty chicken satay (and excellent value at myr7 as well). Only about five prebooked meals surprisingly and limited other sales.